Saturday, July 27, 2019

2590 : Super Deluxe (Tamil)

I did not like this movie. There I said it.
I thought this is an overhyped piece of weirdness.

Actors are good, but is the acting good?

At 2.45 hours is quite a saga.

Good for a person like me to test how much Tamil I still know?
For a person looking for art or real

Especially the last 60 minutes is preachy, badly acted (read hamming) and over the top.

Overall skip this overhyped nonsense. Except for probably the 20 minutes which Bagavati Perumal occupies the screen. His potrayal of a corrupt sex obsessed police cop is outstanding. He is menacing when he is just smiling. Just got his 20 minute act I will catch Super Deluxe again.

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