Thursday, July 18, 2019

2578 : Whats transient and whats ephemeral?

Enough has been written about the World Cup Final (last Sunday) and Federer vs Djokovic (same day). Folks are writing paens about it.

And they should. Because individuals demonstrated that heroes exist in our everyday world.

What bothers me is that this whole thing will be soon forgotten. Transience is a way of our modern life.

When I look back into my head....a lot of things stand out as days when heroes "stalled" the world.

Does anyone remember Michael Bevan in this match 

or Sunny Gavaskar, playing an innings of 96 in his last match against Pakistan......

Or the "unnamed" person halting a tank at Tiananmen square.

The world is better off for "our heroes" (which means it is better off because of our heroes)....and yet our heroes have begun to have lifespans of today, gone tomorrow.

"We could be heroes for just one day".....David Bowie you saw it coming....

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