Thursday, July 18, 2019

2577 : Everyday viciousness

I am surprised when I see viciousness between couples (or lovers, or dear friends, or siblings). Anger....I can rationalize, so can I do with "loathe"....but viciousness....

To me being "vicious" is essentially being mean or acerbic with the intent to hurt. Thats the one singular purpose of this emotion. To hurt, to debilitate.

If this was a war, I would think of this as an attempt to "pommel" your opponent. Just make him/her totter. Thats the intent. Get the drift.

I encounter this at the strangest of places, with the strangest of people (lets say my lover or sibling) and it makes me this how my life was designed to be ? Is this what modern relationships have become?

More importantly....why? and how long?

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