Sunday, March 31, 2019

2515 : Tanha Tanha

I was listening to "Tanha Tanha" from Rangeela. Someone who was listening to it with me, mentioned how impressed he was with the lyrics when he was growing up.


Zameen aasman bhi kuch toh keh rehi hain,
Lehren bhi saahil se kuch toh keh rehi hain,
Chandni bhi chand se kuch toh keh rehi hain....

Kissi na kissi se koi kuch toh keh raha hain,
Tuh dil ki baat keh de, kehne mein kya hain....

I liked these lines too....especially growing up. Could not bring myself to admit this to him. Today of course it seems a little too plebian.

And Asha today sounds like was vacationing in South Indies in those times.....

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