Friday, March 22, 2019

2507 : Innocent (Masum) Turkish Series

I watched the entire season 1 (and I think that’s all there is to it) and I was spellbound. By the visuals, the writing (though I dont understand Arabic), and just the taut story.

The actors were truly a class apart. Take special note of Taner’s eyes. They tell a story in almost every science that he participates in.

On a superficial level its a simple tale told non-linearly. On a personal level, I loved it because it caused what I call as Karma Roulette spin. Like who is to blame?

The father Cedvet?
The son Taner? His wife Ruya?
The other son Tarik? His wife Emel?
The cog in the wheel Yusuf?
His lovely daughter?
The police chief?

On a karma level, this becomes like Mahabharata. Who is the first sinner. Who cast the first stone?

Watch it. And if life permits, watch it again. The layers will peel itself and reveal the song.

Speaking of songs, am completely addicted to the title track. On my all time list this fits in here....

Overall ranking

A Twelve Year Night
Nise(The heart of madness)
The Kominsky Method
Forest (The Foret)
Orange Mittai

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