Thursday, March 21, 2019

2504 : The monk who is teaching us to die

Thich Nhat Hanh is approaching the end of his life with the same equanimity that he taught all of us to have.

I read this a few weeks ago, but even then, and now - I cant help but anguish over - “are we mere accidents?”. If yes, then why is Thich Nhat such a more adorable and “Want to emulate” role model than lets say a politician like “Trump”.

I feel immensely sad facing the prospect of his death, almost as if, the last beacon of hope for humanity is slowly being extinguish....I know its not true...but the despair in me is real. For me, folks like Thich Nhat and Dalai Lama are the last bastions of humanity. Once they too have fallen, the world is a riot. All Amok.

I grieve the moment of its passing. I grieve the oncoming fall of a wall.

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