Monday, March 04, 2019

2494 : Parrikar Manohar, Goa CM

The Goa CM, Manohar Parrikar is supposedly in grade 4 pancreatic cancer - and yet, he is refusing steadfastly to give up on his power.

READ MY LIPS - I am not making a moral or ethical judgement.

But here goes...

He has had years of power, so he now knows what the corridors of power shape like. He probably has enough money to last another 100 years (I mean it!!). He probably has indulged in very vice (that gives pleasure and lures all of us humans equally).

So my philosophical dilemma is - what would I do? Faced with such imminent death - I would want unequivocal silence. I would want unbridled peace. I would want to face death on whatever is meaningfully my own little control - my own little set of terms.

And yet, he, an accomplished man...chooses to deal with death as if it is an elephant in the room. Its not "an", its the only elephant in the room.

Mr. Parrikar, there is a Buddhist in me, who wants to gift you a copy of "The Tibetan book of dying and liberation". And trust me, not a bone in my body wishes bad for you. I only wish you a peaceful death and definitely a clear shot at liberation.

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