Sunday, March 03, 2019

2492: Ravana believes Vishnu will lose - from Sitayana by Amit Majmudar

Ravana explains to Rama, why Vishnu is playing a losing game.

Rama - "The naive God. The ascetic God."

"The God of Destruction, Rama! Don't you know who I am? Why he loves me? The wheel of Time needs somebody to grease the axle. I am bringing us into the Kali Yuga. I hasten the end of it all. If you think my ten heads are evil, wait till you see what's coming - the thousand-headed bureaucracies of murder and the murderous million armed street mobs. What are you trying to accomplish, with your milquetoast goodness? The add of pious sons and faithful husbands is over. The future is one long dark age until the dancing asetic stomps it all flat in his sphere of fire."

"Shiva can't save you here. Not from me. And once I kill you, you'll belong to Yama. The God of death is deaf to hymns. Let my wife go, Ravana, and I will go from your destroyer Shiva to your sustainer Vishnu. I'll keep you on your throne."

"The more Vishnu sustains this species, the more damage he ends up doing. If the two of us could wreck planets and moons up there, imagine what ten billion people will do to one ball of mud. The more life, the more death. Vishnu plays a losing game."

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