Sunday, March 03, 2019

2489: Reading list 2019 #7: Sitayana by Amit Majmudar

Just finished a masterful re-telling of the Ramayana by Amit Majmudar. If all classics were written like this, then I would read them all my life.

There is a strange bit though. The plug artists, the spin factory - are saying this is Ramayana told from Sita's perspective.

Actually I found that the weakest character (in terms of development) was Sita. I found myself rooting for Indrajit (Ravana's son the most) and Kumbhakarana (Ravana's brother).

In the last two chapters, you do feel Sita's pain - and root for her. But its too late in the book.

Overall, this is a fabulous book. Worth an addition to your book shelf, worth a legacy to leave to your daughter.

Overall a perfect 10/10. Some truly goose pimple evoking writing moments.

At 194 pages brings my 2019 list total to 1754 pages.

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