Saturday, February 16, 2019

2674 : Movie: Tamil "Revelations"

I am not sure what prompted me to watch this movie. There was something alluring about it, almost drawing me into it.

The movie is simple (and I won't reveal much) - it's about an old son (and an older lady) who both move to Calcutta from Chennai. How they (re)build their lives, along with the help of a younger Tamilian couple.....

...and then there are assorted characters.....each of whom plays a pivotal part as the story unfolds.

There is not much of a story, and in that sense, it is indeed as "art" as an art installation gets.

The movie has a very unhurried pace. Almost as if there is nothing to tell, and nowhere to go - as an example - in the first 3-4 minutes of the movie - not a word amongst humans is spoken. Everything is just scenes stitched together.

The second facet is subtlety. As an example....someone body, no corpse, no funeral....not even the actual science of death....just a simple images of flowers floating on a river.....that conveys the whole construct.

The movie in itself a steady and slow exploration of various human emotions, but in a very "underlying" fashion. There are strong undertones of:
1) Lust: Yes there is a bit of bodies having their own compulsions (well explained with being explained....and hence I called this a true art installation)
2) Remorse: How difficult is that to emote and convey...and yet.
3) Compassion
4) Dog eat dog world
5) Respect for women as if they were complete equals (which is rare for either west bengal or tamil land....and hence this movie just hits it well...). The husband, the old son - all of them treat their women with immense respect and care...and yet....
6) Forgiveness: The immensity of this is so heartbreaking in the scence where the mother weeps alongs with her son (or maybe???)
7) New beginnings
8) Acceptance of the present (This too shall pass)
9) Complete acceptance of your circumstances

Each of these explorations is truly marvellously told. If you care to watch those signs.

Loved this movie, though I might not want to watch it very often again. Its too intense, and too much.

Its like reading Kundera. Forces you to think....forces you to face your inner demons.

Overall ranking

A Twelve Year Night
Nise(The heart of madness)
Orange Mittai

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