Wednesday, February 13, 2019

2672: Movie Nise(Into the heart of madness)

After the book of light, (a book), I watched the movie Nise (into the heart of madness) and was completely mesmerized by the movie. This month is about being mad in the world's eyes....of folks who fall off the regular curve.

It's about a hospital(institution) in Brazil, where Dr. Nise is a psychotherapist and she works out an unusual program to provide therapy for her clients (she refers to patients as clients).

She encourages them towards art....and he gets encouragement from none other than Carl Jung.

Two things completely shook me in a good/bad/"get hold of me" way.....

1) The scene where the animals are all poisoned dead. It's a terrifying scene, not due to the horror or the scariness...but due to the immensity of the human (living) tragedy. It singes.

2) Finally, towards the end, the real Dr. Nise comes over and gives a quote - which I absolutely loved. Its essentially about 10000 ways around finding meaning for yourself. And her advice is go do it :-).

Go for it. It will show you the power of compassion to heal this world. I am a wannabe Buddhist :-).

Photos of Real life Nise and the hospital at 

Overall ranking amongst the movies so far

A Twelve Year Night
Nise(The heart of madness)
Orange Mittai

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