Wednesday, February 13, 2019

2671: Dignity

Spent a large part of my day at a cancer clinic...Not for the first time and definitely not for the last time :-).

It always amazes me to watch the faces of the chemo of the radiation patients. They dress up as good as they can, they part their hair, they are groomed to perfection.

And this inspite of their inherent imperfection. Like there is distortion in the hair (and hence it is off the normal curve) of a cancer/chemo patient. He simply has no hair or has evidently thinning hair.

And inspite of that imperfection, they take a lot of effort to groom themselves...which is kind of charming in a very adorable old-world manner.

The more I think about it....I am beginning to believe it's about dignity. These folks are fighting to fit into the curve, to have a shot at what (for them) constitutes as stolen(away from them) dignity.

They want their dignity back....and that's such a fantastic road to root them along on.

Go for the goal fellas :-).

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