Saturday, February 09, 2019

2667: Music Raga Jog Kauns by Ustaad Vilayat Khan, Zakhir Hussain and Hidayat Khan

I have been listening and discovering Vilayat Khan from my own immense collection of classical music (hell, how deeply I miss Rhythm House!!. What a price to pay, this modern world).

And listening to the live edition of Vilayat Khan play Raga Jog with the other two not just magical, its ethereal.

I am now listening to Vilayat Khan almost everyday.

Something in me believes that this aides my weak bubbling heart. My achy breaky heart :-) (Billy Ray Cyrus forgive me :-))

Listen (and watch out) to the crescendo in the end, its what apocalypse should possibly feel like :-). Mad and yet stunning. Masterful yet sublime.

Go for it. (Below is the actual score I have been listening to...thanks youtube)

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