Sunday, February 03, 2019

2456: Music Dhristi (Kishori Amonkar Tai singing of a pain that seems her own, but she makes it collectively ours)

I am a Luddite by choice. I dont like listening to music on Youtube, even if forced to.

And then.....

I grew up listening to Dhristi's music and Tai singing Ek Hi Sang Hute.....(Tai is Kishori Amonkar).

The whole album of Dhristi including the two recorded Alaaps are ethereal. This kind of music completely humbles me, and makes me realise how inadequate I am. I wish I had spent more time with music in my life.

But now....

(on the youtube thingy)....Now apple music serves this masterpiece.

I have been listening to this album almost everyday. If nothing else it transports me to an era and time, when everything was fresh, clean, uncomplicated for me. And most importantly there was hope.

(I have never seen Dhristi as a movie, hope to see it one day.)

(The video below is NOT from Dhristi, but the song is...)

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