Monday, February 25, 2019

2486: Movie: Natsamrat starring Nana Patekar

I watched this movie and was blown away by the writing (I can understand Marathi well) and the actor known as Nana Patekar. (Vikram Ghokale is equally good :-))

Nana has been majorly accused during #MeToo and hence I have mixed feelings about the actor....but this one is a performance which is super par with the best in the world.

Watch this movie only for Nana and the writing.

Of course, it is a fab exploration of old age, loneliness and the futility of life as it seems then.

At some point, Nana says something to this effect (in Marathi)
"Birth of a human is nothing but the manifestation of a being who was lured into this materialistic world, and he/she chose the lust of two others, as a bridge to be born into this world. We call him son/daughter....but he is nothing but another being (albeit a selfish being) who has been trapped into this world. Attaching more meaning to this is foolishness."

At another Nana says (to his wife) - something to this effect...(when questioned on an introspective day about his past demeanors)
"I lived in the world of glamour, and like all those who are trapped within those, I too fell into the trap of being beguiled by it. Have I had a fling or two? Of course. But why ask me more. All you need to know is that I too walked the path. And yet today, I realize that the path is a path to nowhere."

Overall a must watch for its class act around writing.

Overall ranking (in order top to bottom)

A Twelve Year Night
Nise(The heart of madness)
Orange Mittai

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