Sunday, February 24, 2019

2482: From Amit Majmudar's Sitayana

Every now and then I read something that I wish I had written. This piece just blew me away. Its from Amit Majmudar's Sitayana narrated in this chapter in Hanuman's voice.

I don't even try because I am in awe and horror. The hall to Ravana's courtroom is a menagerie of caged hybrids. I glimpse a cameleopard, a Kinnara propping a book between his hooves, a rhinoceros with the face of a cow, and most horrifying of all, a monkey with the face of a man. I suppose Ravana likes such hybrids since he is half Rakshasa, half Brahmin. His courtroom is dome painted the color of the sky. Above is a chandelier consisting of enormous glass globes of various sizes. Inside each globe is a slave in silks and a crown, around his neck a placard on a gold chain reading, "I am Saturn" or "I am Neptune" and so on, corresponding to the planets. At the center is the earth, the only planet represented by a woman. Her placard says, 'I am Ravana's'.

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