Saturday, February 16, 2019

2477 : Boisterous sexists

Have been meaning to write about this quite some time. This is about the Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul incident.

Something in that whole incident and then the following backlash - bothered me then immensely and still bothers me. So here goes...

For the record, I am not proud of anyone disrespecting a race, gender or put simply another sentient being. Yet, the show is about fun and presenting celebrities who are quirky.

Here is my question to those who took offense. How many of you have not had a dirty or evil thought in your head ever? Like how many of us have not pined for something (like money, sex or drugs or really whatever) that is forbidden? Even Adam and Eve could not escape the apple right? Hand on heart, I have enough demons in my closet who only feast on forbidden fruit. So mea culpa.

So why judge someone for their bias? Its a bias, and not an explicit act of violence. Though I agree that bias can be the underpinning of potential violence.

Why judge someone for being honest?
Would you rather Hardik be the crude ass weird gobbysmack person he is, and be honest....or be dishonest and appear as slick and clean as Nirma (the washing powder:-).

I prefer the honest Hardik anyday. 

Do I admire his biases or condone them? Neither...but I do unequivocally accept them. He needs help, not condoning.

Is he morally bankrupt? Potentially yes. But its weird that he is being judged by boards and committees which have been built on foundations of ineptitude and discrimination. 

He is the least of our problems and deserves nothing but to be ignored and let be. Also the buddhist in me says....accept and let the river will eventually run dry.

Why will the river run dry, you ask? Because like Hardik, I am from the dark side too :-)

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