Saturday, January 05, 2019

2426 : Movie : A Twelve year night

Over years, I have been trying to become a Buddhist. Of course :-), it does not show at all. I am like the elephant who took inspiration from a jaguar and said, it would be nice to have that feline grace :-), just that the baggage of flesh holds you back.

Back to the point. I have been trying. One of the things that I genuinely come to realize with my limited meditations, is the sheer amount of luck that I have. Its not in rationed proportions. I have way more than I should ideally have. Even being me (as in my birth) is a sheer event of luck.....(more on that later). Not complaining, but rather feeling humbled.

Every single waking day, I realize more than a few times a day, how much good fortune have I appropriated.

In that sense I have slowly felt genuine gratitude for even things that otherwise I would have considered a good comfortable bed as an example.

As I watched, "A Twelve Year Night" something in me irreparably phase shifted. The movie is about 3 individuals in Uruguay, who get arrested for their dissent, and then are put in solitary confinement for an indefinite period. Over time that "indefinite" period turns to 12 whole years. The meditative movie shows us a sliver of what it might be to be bereft of food, bed, toilets, sunlight, stars and of course other humans.

The three folks in the movie (supposedly based on a true account), survive, and one of them eventually becomes president of Uruguay in 2010 (and most importantly, does not extract revenge on his perpetrators). Now that sounds like a Buddhist tale.

Something in this movie moved me immensely. The background score is intensely personal, though it was never meant to be. (I mean a movie for the masses, does not usually cater for personal empathy in music).

More than a recommendation to watch, I would suggest a simple meditation of "What might be"......


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