Thursday, September 13, 2018

2418 : The two-faced Tusker

Today is Ganesh Chaturthi, the festival of the elephant headed God. One whose fame comes from resolving conflicts and leading mankind to happier zones. He is the pragmatic God who focuses on food, others "troubles" and knowledge.

So picture this.

Two days ago, someone I faintly know, decided to trample me. Why? Because he could. It was like a chess game where I was two rooks and the queen down. Did he have to? No. He could have chosen to let me go. Not a leaf in the world would have twirled, and yet he chose to add entropy just because he was in a position from where he could.

Today morning, I saw him pray with sincerity (or appeared so) to the "common" Ganesh idol. Of course, I was amused.

It was not all that weird that he was (possibly) dichotomous in my eyes. It was disappointing that he will never ever see himself as dichotomous.

The most dangerous emotion in this world is indignation. It reinforces the ego, and adds nothing to the world.  

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