Sunday, September 09, 2018

2417 : Reading list 2018 : #15 : Samantha Harvey's The Wilderness

Loss is usually personal, an individual experience. But there are losses which can be a community or a shared experience. Like loss of youth (all of us experience that), or death (we all approach death).

Samantha Harvey explores the second kind of loss in all her books and hence all her books are magical (at least to me).

They are meditative classics. They reveal to me, sides and shades that I have blacked myself to.

The wilderness is her debut book that deals with a protagonist and his un-reliable memory but unlike the sense of an ending, her exploration of the un-reliable comes from the inevitability of entropy.

Read, and be enthralled.

This was my third read of the book (I bought it when it debuted :-))

336 pages take my reading total of 2018 to 4690 pages.

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