Saturday, September 08, 2018

2413 : Reading list of 2018 : #11 : Dear Thief by Samantha Harvey

A most lyrical exploration of loss. This is (again!!) a book that I shall come back to read many many times in my life span. 

Its tragic, its intimate, and its immersive. Its an exploration of not just loss, but possibly revenge, possibly anger and definitely betrayal.

There is something vulnerable about being let down. There is something lyrical in weaving a narrative around it.

Personally - I have never believed in marriage, or anything that can be held like an edifice. An edifice's only purpose is to eventually crumble....then why build it? Of course, the perverse argumentative soul in you will say....every life has to die, then why live? You now what...thats a great question too :-).

Read this book. Meditate on it, will possibly show you how dishonest each of us, even in front of the mirror.

Rated 10/10

Another 256 pages of this evocative magic, brings this years total to 3724 pages.

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