Sunday, April 29, 2018

2407 : Back to Black with Amy

I recently watched "Amy" the documentary about our lady Winehouse. Not once but twice. And its rekindled my love with her music, so much so that I have been listening to her on repeat. And I must admit, that I am so overwhelmed by her music.

She is genius, she is lost, she is bloody hurtful. Of course I am old, so there are so many places the lyrics appear naive, but at other places, the poetry is just so conveniently divine.

I can listen to her till I die :-).

Dear Amy, take a bow :-).

As I write this, the rhymes and bars of "you know I am no good" play in the background. I want to say "we are ten men down like roger Moore"....

A silent prayer for the candle that outshone the sun and then just went kaput :-).

The jazz riffs on "you know I am no good" are divine :-)

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