Saturday, March 31, 2018

2402 : The classist Holi

Picture this.

Over two weekend(s) ago, that just went by, it was Holi - the festival of colors. I now live in a fairly large apartment complex in Mumbai.

There is something complicity classist about celebrating Holi in kind of place I live in.

The whole complex is singing and dancing in the “rain” party that is usually organised. This includes women, men and children. All dressed up in white or skimpy pieces or whatever rocks their fashion boat.

Everyone is swigging large moats of “bhang” (datura) or beer or some having Johnny Walking with them.


The maids and the security gaurds have to be excluded. Of course, how else will the complex continue to function. In fact this year I had the pleasure of seeing some inebriated urban rainbow colored hooligan scream at the gaurd for “being lazy” and not opening the door (parking gate) fast enough.

I keep telling myself, that there is bad blood on my hand. The amount of bad karma I accumulate everyday, I am sure the Devil thinks I am responsible for the run on “his” bank.

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