Saturday, March 31, 2018

2404 : Reading list of 2018 : #5 : Julian Barnes' Noise of Time

Just finished my 2nd read of Julian Barnes “Noise of Time”. It’s easy to wonder why anyone would want to read a fictionalised account of Shastokovich’s biography.


I would read this book any number of times. I just love the way Barnes weaves his literary prose.

There is magic in going back to the Russia of the 50s and 60s.

A great read - overall 9/10.

A 201 page read. Brings my 2018 reading total to ~2290 pages :-)

Worth every minute of your time.

2403 : My dark fantasy

There is a new poison in town. Ice Cold coffee with a little bit of sweetener, or even plain natural bitter. If there is sweetener I prefer Milkmaid.

The resultant drink is plain manna. In the last 2 years I have substantially increased my coffee intake. My intestines seem to be loving it.

2402 : The classist Holi

Picture this.

Over two weekend(s) ago, that just went by, it was Holi - the festival of colors. I now live in a fairly large apartment complex in Mumbai.

There is something complicity classist about celebrating Holi in kind of place I live in.

The whole complex is singing and dancing in the “rain” party that is usually organised. This includes women, men and children. All dressed up in white or skimpy pieces or whatever rocks their fashion boat.

Everyone is swigging large moats of “bhang” (datura) or beer or some having Johnny Walking with them.


The maids and the security gaurds have to be excluded. Of course, how else will the complex continue to function. In fact this year I had the pleasure of seeing some inebriated urban rainbow colored hooligan scream at the gaurd for “being lazy” and not opening the door (parking gate) fast enough.

I keep telling myself, that there is bad blood on my hand. The amount of bad karma I accumulate everyday, I am sure the Devil thinks I am responsible for the run on “his” bank.

2401 : House of cards S5

It was eerie watching House of Cards S5 and realising that Frank considers "Double Endemnity" as one of his favorite movies. Its nice to see Claire and him play along with the movie.

Funny that just a month ago, I read the book. Now thats a universe's version of deja vu.

2400 : David Warner + Schadenfreude

I remember just a couple of months, I saw David Warner in the elevator @ Taj Krishna @ Hyderabad.

He walked out with me onto the ground floor. He was confidence and achievement personified. I could not help but be in awe of both the Vivre-de-Joie and what human beings are capable of achieving in a short run.

And then the last 2 weeks played out. And today David is saying he is completely broken.

Like the Buddhists say, everytime you see a living being, also see his/her dead self. As in logically - every living person will one day die. Similarly, who could have seen David in the elevator on that day and said "this too shall pass".

I am fascinated by the circle of life. I see it all around me. I have personally seen it very closely in my own life in the past 4 years. Its been a journey.

This too shall pass :-). As for schadenfreude - hold that day you will get to be the star too !!

My heart beats for David for will be one my favorite players.....he deserves forgiveness. He has all of mine. I would be proud of his life. Take a bow David and remember, this too shall pass :-). I speak from deeply entrenched experience.

Friday, March 02, 2018

2399 : Reading list of 2018 : #4 : Double Indemnity by James Cain

Picked this up on a whim. A very old book from the 30s I think or around. Was also converted into a movie.

The book is great for its plots, turns, twists....but most importantly it gives a sense of how life was in the 30s. I like the book, though I would still overall rate is around 7/10.

Its a small quick read 144 pages only.

Go for it, but dont expect the world to be like the sopho thrillers which we have seen in recent years.