Wednesday, December 27, 2017

2363 : Jaag ke Kaati

I have blogged about this song "Jaag Ke Kaati" from the movie Leela at least 2 times in the past.

There is something beyond awesome in this song. I have heard this song about 12 times on repeat in the last hour or so....

And the riff does not leave me at all. Lets count the blessings in the song :-).

Firstly, you have Jagjit Singh, at his zenith. He genuinely appears drunk and high on the song, but that just elevates his voice from a simple croon to a delectable recitation.

Then you have the unmissable judgalbandi between the acoustic guitar (dont miss the strain of Veena in the background) and the  vocalist. And the tabla on a heightened track (which means it is almost as if the tabla is playing in the foreground, instead of it being the background).

Gulzar doing the rounds with lyrics and the massive metaphors that usually accompany any of his songs.

Saagar take behte do Naina,
Rooh hain bandhan khulte nahin hain,
Daag hain dil ke, dhulte nain hain
Karvat karvat batik nakna

Then finally, we have Dimple and Vinod Khanna.

Do we agree we have a reliable receipe for an aural wet dream :-)?

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