Monday, October 30, 2017

2336 : Kashmir

For the record, I am apolitical. I believe I don't know enough about most issues (due to lack of interest!!) to lean on any side.

On Kashmir too I am apolitical. But....

I have now known a few personal stories. These are stories of personal war. These are simple people like you, me and our children. All these folks want is peace and continuity. They would prefer normalcy to any kind of legitimacy.

The folks I know work within urban jobs (startups, technology) and while the impact they feel on their lives is just as much as others - their response is not of violence or even indignation.

Their response is in fact full of....."fatigue".

They want peace, and they want to continue with their lives. Watch this video link. It should remind all of us, of our own frailty, of our own failings, and of course of the demons hidden within each of our crevices.

Kashmir is more and more resembling Tibet. War ravaged and tired. A silent prayer for its peace.

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