Saturday, January 02, 2016

2281 : The age of the un-necessary convenience

I find these times troubling. The number of times I have looked at an invention and said, "I dont really need it. Makes no difference to my life" is almost disturbing.

Like I look at this new fad of hoverboards and wonder, "Why?", WhoTF needs these and why?

Or I look at my modern smartphone (of which I use very little features) and I wonder....why does my phone come with a proclivity to be connected.

What is this life that we have created for ourselves?
Are those who incessantly checking facebook really happier?

I have avowed to steadfastly simplify my life....and yet its difficult.

You cannot avoid these un-necessary conviniences. Like the button which allows you to open your car's boot. Really? If that a a game changer?

And pray why?

How many of us understand that the true test of a good car is its engineering and the thrill of the untamed horses, and not the gawky buttons that you press and depress?

This post sounds like a rant, and it is one.

I will one day find my place of resting. A palace where there shall be none of the un-necessary conveniences.

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