Thursday, December 17, 2015

2266 : That girl with bouncy hair...

I visit a particular coffee shop at Powai often...and I do know that at a particular time everyday a strikingly noticable girl is around.

The first reason she always catches my eye, because she has great happy bouncy hair. Almost deliciously pixar like.

She also has a penchant for wearing some of the most classily fitted (one that what they are could not help me....the one where the top and the skirt and one piece like a LBD almost...) dresses. Its almost her signature style. Her own signature little style and she seems to so comfortable in her skin, its almost divine.

Now rarely I go into the coffee shop alone, its usually with someone I need to schmooze with. And yet....on the few occasions when I do, I do pause for a minute and steal a glance.

I don't think its either lust or infatuation, I honestly don't even want to get to know her (By now you know I am old 50 year old hag...with my teenage hormones long dead :-) hee haw:-)).

The reason I pause to look is more simple...admiration. Beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder and aesthetic beauty is most definitely even more in that zone.

To me there is something infinitely magical about having such a sense of grace and poise. There is also an ethereal quality of being "almost unreal" (like Mario brothers ha ha :-)) the extent in some of these examples I want to pinch myself.

This also brings me to my other fav everyday question? How can you form a view, admire, or think "good" of a person you have never known or met.

Be it Smita Patil. Or Sona Mahapatra. Or Arundhati Roy. Or Bouncy Hair :-)

Universe. Magic. Delivered.

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