Sunday, December 13, 2015

2261 : The girl with the golden Smile :-)

Actually she did not smile much. As an actress Smita Patil, has probably to be my #1 favorite actress. Most people catch onto her intensity or rawness - I prefer to call it naturalness.

She got into the skin of the moment. I am assuming if she could do that for a shot, she could do that at will in real life too - what is this life if not a stage (Shake the spear :-)).

Yesterday it was 29 years since her death, and I was reading a short bio. And the transcript said, she supposedly was made to feel that she was selling her soul to the devil for doing "Aaj Rapat Jaye" with Amitabh.

I have to stop everyone there. In my eyes (and I have not seen the video in the last 15 years), both of them are fab is an understatement. Its like two powerhouse natural actors doing one heartfelt number.

It does help that both Kishore Kumar and Asha Bhosale have sung this song as if they were actually a pair too. Especially the way they naturally bend the notes they are signing, with their mischievous voices.

When Asha sings at one point that "tujhe toh aayi haasee......meri toh jaan gayi re." almost feels like the real life banter of a couple, where the girl is admonishing her love for being too much of a dilettante.

Smita Patil will remain my #1 favorite actress forever. Possibly. Period.

The song shall remain one of my #100 songs of my life.

As for she having to feel demeaned for doing the song...what can I say....folks, you can put fingers wherever you want to. Its your finger any which way :-)

My dear Smita, who I will never meet (or even watch all her movies)....a heartfelt bow and RIP.

I picked up the image from and this artcile is lovely. Explains a bit of an insight into her as a person. Read at 

Wikipedia entry 

Aaj Rapat Jaye on youtube 

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