Thursday, October 01, 2015

2250 : What is love?

Picture this.

I am at Dubai Interational Airport, a swanky one. I have a 87 minute layover :-).
I run to the lounge, grab a quick cup of Dilmah :-). I do need my tea.

Then I begin my trudge to the gate for the boarding. By the time I reach there, just 35 minutes left for the flight to depart and 10 minutes for the gate to shut. I walk in calmly, I am usually the kind of person who snakes in just before the doors slam shut.

As I begin my walk from the gate to the plane. I have to walk along a glass wall, take a U at the other end, walk along the other side and then board the plan. Get the drift?

So I walk along the wall, and fail to notice anything. I have a bag full of chocolates and dates that I am dragging along.

I go till the end of the wall, take U and cross onto the other side of the wall...(which is transparent because its glass).....

As I walk to the other side, I see this young girl (25 odd...yes that is young from where I sit :-)), she is having a huge travel bag on her back. And she is talking across the glass to a boy (again 25 odd) across the glass onto the other side....the side I just came from.

As I wait there for a few moments, I hear her scream and talk....

"So you can hear me across the glass?"
He gesticulates a yes, and mumbles something which I cant hear.
"You really can hear?"
He says something again, which I cannot hear. Then he moves to the glass to smooch the glass.
In response she moves to the glass too. They both smooch across the glass.

They talk a few more sentences. Someone is waiting for my boarding pass to be checked so I am still stuck there waiting.

She then screams "are you going to come over or we both will miss our flight?" and she guffaws loudly. He laughs too, but does not move.

She then goes down on her knee and she says "Please my love...."

He guffaws now, kisses the glass again and then begins walking towards the end of the walk, where he can take a U and join us.

I found this whole thing utterly lovely. Greatness comes in all shapes everyday. Just watch out.

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