Monday, August 17, 2015

2243 : The charades begin (all over again!!)

They both were playing a game of charades. He smiled wistfully and told her, "a very easy one"....

She said "shoot fker" !!

"What do you call a turbaned person, with a long beard and a sword?"

"Fker, is this some kind of a perverse joke. Surd?"

"Another word..."


"No no....whats their name..."

"Fker....lucky, goldy, preet, harpreet and the ilk....what are you driving at?"

"Common name?"

After another 10 odd tries a very frustrated looking her finally got it "Singh".


"What do you call a little lady girl?"



Mix both up, what do you get.

She said the words aloud "Miss Singh".....

and then smiled wistfully and added "thats easy....."


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