Saturday, August 15, 2015

2241 : The memory of water

From where he stood, he could see her.

She was across the small water tank - almost the size of a 20*20 swimming pool - more like a giant bath tub really.

She stood there, totally demure and totally self involved.

A young girl was with her, presumably her daughter or niece or an acquaintance. She was talking to the young girl, not really looking up to see the few faces which were around the pool.

At some point, she made a tiny paper boat and she set it afloat on the pool. The slight wind was blowing from behind her. She continued making a few more boats and setting them afloat.

The boat(s) were trudging along - pushed by the drift in the air.

He oscillated between gazing at her and gazing at the army of boats riding towards him.

In his head, this was metaphorically the messages she was sending to him - him who was a complete stranger to her. Yet he believed he knew her intimately, as if something in her had a connection - some resemblance, some trait that he could not place completely.

As he watched the boats, the leader of the pack was approaching his end of the pool. A bend in the water (due to a broken tile) caused the boat to tilt over a bit. It was about to capsize, he reached out and steadied its course.

When he looked up again, he could see her staring at him with a fixed long stare. He was unsure of whether she felt transgressed, whether she felt angry, or whether she felt obliged that he had saved the day.....her gaze was fixed.

He tried to peer into her eyes. She immediately looked down again. She collected herself and then followed the young girl who was by now chasing something distractedly.

Not a single word was spoken. No signs were made. Boats reached his shore from her. She was now going away.

He wanted to say "wait", and yet his lips did not move, and everything in the universe had frozen.

What could not have been possible had he gotten a chance to speak to her. She was now part of his imagined possibilities.

She was gone now. Some of the boats were still afloat.

....and the memory still remains.

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