Friday, August 14, 2015

2240 : Don't leave me from Conversations

I have posted on this song multiple times. This composition is from L Sub's and Stephen Graphelli's path breaking album called Conversations (which should be around a 1987 release date or earlier...web says 2013....thats patently wrong....I remember have the tape of this one in 1987).....gosh there I said it I have heard this album for 18 whole years. Thank you L Sub and Stephen...take a bow....!!!

As I was hearing the massively addictive title called "Don't leave me" from the album( its the very first song)....I realized that every single time I have spoken about this song I have used the world dueling.

And today - as I heard it first thing in the morning, an insight occurred to me - it is indeed a war within the song.

Somewhere around the center of the piece for about 50 seconds, the violins actually talk. And bloody how ........ (this is my fav section of the piece, I can hear just this piece on repeat for a few hours).....

Both violins take turns in becoming more louder than the other. At least at two distinct points, one of the violins starts playing before the other has stopped - almost out of turn. There are distinct notes, where you can almost feel one of the violins dying off abruptly, as if it did not have the energy to even complete the quarter note it was voicing. And yet in another note, you can hear one violin gasp, and in another poignant part, the other one violently sighs, and in another haunting part, one of the violin just gives up, loses steam - going just dead silent. For the entire 50 seconds, neither of the violins relent....gradually gnawing at each other, till both of them have moved so far away, so distanced from each other's notes....that the only way is to move to start playing the solo end notes, at least a few notes of these on completely different scales.

Sounds eerily familiar? A conversation like that can only end with a beseech "Don't leave me...".


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