Saturday, July 25, 2015

2228 : Unfinished symphony

She met him in the morning, and said in her usual acerbic tone, "What happened, fker, where have you been laying your eggs?".

"I was working on a poem yesterday night", he said with as much dignity as he could muster.

She looked at her strips of bacon and eggs, and said "Can I have the pleasure of that bloody word clusterfuck added onto my breakfast?"

"Its incomplete."

"Really, thats a pity. Can I read the draft?", she said as she fawned.

"Better still, you can help me finish it?"

"Me. Really? How?"

"I need your honest answer."

"To what?"

He smiled his usual cryptic flash, and said "The question does not matter. The answer is either a yes or a no. Choose one na please?"

"Really? And that one word answer to a question which I don't know will help you finish your poem? Who amongst us lives in an asylum?"

He looked straight through, almost ignoring her dig and said "Answer please?".

"Fker, how can I answer. If I answer 'yes', and your question becomes 'Am I not the father of my son?'...then we have a certified a-grade bastard amongst us."

And she continued with a pause, "....and if I answer 'no', and the question becomes, 'Will we last another 20 years of tolerating each other?', then I am doomed to be a lonely old nag-oba of a woman. I dont like answering without the question. Dont like it at all. Very unfair.". She quivered with a facetious smile and snigger.

He persisted, "Answer bugger".

She said "Ok if you insist, then it is 'YES'.......since I said yes to you some 20 years ago, I have never had a reason to look back, so assume 'YES' is the way to go, like Jim Carrey found to his utter dismay."...and she laughed hard at their private joke.

Just then, the music changed tracks and Noor Jehan's Lat Uljhe Suljha Jaa Balam came over, and she asked "I love this. Remind me who has sung this."

He said "Noor Jehan. I know you like this, and I also remember you don't care for this Raga shit, but its Bihag."

She closed her eyes, soaked in the waft, and after a long pregnant pause said "Can you please help me complete my breakfast, poem please?"

He handed over a strip of handwritten words, and said the last "empty blank, needs to be substituted with your answer."

In her hands, she now had a full handwrriten poem. Which she proceeded to read slowly.

The princess woke up on another bright shiny day,
Coffee done, she decided to walk her healthy way.

Circles in her favorite urban park,
Round and round, though in reality it was a plain simple arc.

As she spiritedly walked and let the freshness in,
Every cell cried, "this smells like happiness" from within.

Passing by the large entry porch, the ledge which redundantly said "Enter",
She saw something - a big froggy toad at the path's very center.

In her stupid optimism, she said this is my one chance,
I am going to kiss the possible prince, and made her advance.

She picked up and kissed the slimy little black thing,
The little bugger flew right off her hand, as if on a wing.

Startled, she retreated and jumped backward from the trip,
She found herself crashing against a fellow jogger's hip.

The jogger lost balance and fell off the trail,
Years later, they would joke - she was heavy, and he was a little frail.

As she picked him up and nursed him back to his feet,
On cue - the love song had started, perfectly paced on a 5/4 beat.

One thing led to another, coffee lead to talk, talk led to a bind,
Till today, they would never fail to reminisce and rewind,

They found they shared a love for many things, including a few board games,
One of them involved 64 squares, and an army of 32 with some quaint names.

On the day of his red letter, he had finally asked her, if she would choose him,
She had pondered and said she was tentatively positive, but to seal he needed to satisfy her one real whim.

Hearing that - he had offered her the world, the ocean and his heart without any mask,
All she had to do, was to formulate her wish in the form of a tangible ask,

"Till we are together, will you promise to let me win at least once every day in the game of chess",
"Always and forever, my dear sweetheart, my answer is a loud resounding  ___________".

She read this poem, blinked at him with a strange loving look and then asked "fker, chess rhymes with yes, and this is metered poem. You needed me to answer YES......Wonder what would have happened to this poem, if I had answered NO, instead ?".

He nonchalantly picked up a random buttered toast from her plate, chomped on a piece, and then held her left hand, exactly as he had once done 20 years ago, and then said "If you had answered NO, then there would be no princess, no frog, no poet, no chess and no incomplete poem. This incomplete poem would  not be able to breathe. My world would completely cease to exist."

He looked her deep in the eye and then with purpose, he proceeded to plant a tiny kiss on her hand, and then quickly shifted focus on  the piece buttered toast in his other hand, chugging off another loud bite.

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