Wednesday, July 15, 2015

2224 : When the world ends

Years ago, he remembered, she had met him at the hangout cafe. He was deeply engrossed writing into the laptop.

As she tapped him, she nonchalantly asked, "What are you writing now, my dear poet saheb?".

"Not really something you would enjoy. A love song."

"Really kya?"

"Yes. For a friend of mine who is going to perform at the underground tonight."

"Sad love song, happy love song?"

"A song about longing and loss."

"Nice. Very nice. Am I part of it?"

"WTF. What does that mean", he asked with a fake vex in his voice.

"Arrey, am I part of it?"

"Why should you be part of this, or any love song. You don't even like love songs."

"This one I must be part of though."

"And pray why?".

"I am dying. I might not live till tomorrow. As I die tomorrow, I shall be peaceful that at least I am part of a single love song in this world. One, which shall hopefully play and keep travelling through eternity - once your friend performs it. You know right that sound keep travelling till it reaches the end of the universe, and it never will, since the universe is expanding faster than the speed of sound...."

He chuckled, "So you have a date with death tomo kya?".

"Yes. You too. The world is going to end at 9:03am tomorrow morning."

With that line, she took a deep pause and then began humming to a base chord
"When the world ends, you will be all mine.
When the world ends, I shall be very fine....
....knowing that....
....When the world ends, my name will be on your love rhyme."

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