Wednesday, July 15, 2015

2223 : The Corporate Clusterf*ck Event

Here is my version of how Clusterfk will work in the corporate world, and actually here how it works in our everyday world.

Put a bunch of wannabes (both sexes) into the a giant ring. Provide them with a blackberry, beer or cola on the house, any stale rubbery pizza - and in any order :-)

The rules are like this
1) Anyone can fk anyone.
2) Multiple people can fk one at the same time or vice versa.
3) Its an orgy so all kinds of deviant and kink are allowed - bloody its a diverse organization and respects diversity.
4) Fking continues till the person dies or gives up.
5) At this point, the folks who are still going haul him or her up and throw them out of the ring.
6) With one less wannabe the game continues.
7) This fk fest continues in this fashion, till only one person is left in the ring.
8) At this point, she or he is the only one who could last.

You end the game by announcing this person as the fk master or fk mistress.

Le regina(roi) est more, vive le regina(roi) !!

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