Wednesday, July 15, 2015

2221 : Of the little things that really matter

Picture this.

Was at work the other day, and evening time, was between calls with North America. I was tired and I had to rush in to pee before another call.

And you should know how men’s pee rooms are. Straight cubicles separated pee pots outside about 3-5 of them  and the actual potty seats themselves.

So two guys are standing, doing what they should most likely do in the washroom peeing.

Both staring intently down at their job on hand(no puns intended....and I don’t notice them up until they begin to speak at which point I look at them and then eventually crack on).

So picture this again. Two guys looking down at the job. One asking the other

“so how is the little one doing?”

“great. Beginning to now shoot well. Really well. Needs some more practice, but will soon be at state level. At that level it does get very tough and hard though.”

By this point, I was cracking up like a pig. I am not making this up, it really happened. 

Context (or out of it) is bloody everything.

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