Thursday, July 09, 2015

2216 : Of imagined memories

I met an old friend of mine recently, and the first thing she told me, "Discovered time travel kya?"...and I asked her why.

"You look so much more older, as if you aged 10 years in a span of 2. Went to a planet with 5 times our gravity kya?"...she said mischievously.

Our love of theoretical physics was common and had kept us in good stead in the past.

I just shrugged in response, and flirted with her "You look hotter than ever PYT. You spent time on the moon kya?"

We both laughed like pigs and then she said "I read your blogs, you are such an incurable romantic. Bloody you wrote some shady seedy poetry in college, your current writing is fab, but is so cryptic and so full of memories. Are all of these real? WhoTF are you writing about?".

Like the old times, I smiled and I told her "I am writing about someone who is inside of me. She needs an escape, I need to let her go else she will eat my insides."

And she laughing said, "She huh, a she-devil, a demonness, is always more difficult to deal with than a demon. Females are more sophisticated at delivering pain."

"I will either let her escape, or I will slaughter her."

"Nice. The poet who kills. And the memories? Did this all happen?".

"Remember Super Mario Brothers. Remember the song 'Almost unreal'. I come from a land where I can almost remember. I can remember events which never happened. I can live in an era and time which was only meant to be. I can smell a smell, breath a whiff, and drink a puff of items which never lived. And I can drive all of this in my imagination." I said with a cryptic waspy tone.

She looked at me equally quizically and asked me "Did you really meet me today? Did this conversation really happen? Are we really talking? Do I exist only in the land of imagined memories."

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