Sunday, July 05, 2015

2209 : Of smells and spells

She met him up the porch. This was his first time to the place. She held his hand and helped him navigate through the criss cross much for alliteration.

At one point, she pointed him to a room and said mischievously, "that is the kitchen" and after a long enough pregnant pause added "sometimes that is also used for cooking!!", a faint but unmistakable twinkle in her wink.

As they passed through the home garden into the other side of the home, she finally paused and told him, "fker for the last 10 minutes I have been showing you a tour of this place, does it occur to you that you have not once hugged me yet. We meet after 48 days and all you have to utter to me is a stale fungus infested good morning. Give me some honey, my dear old bear."

He smiled, as he always did and without saying much, he gave her a giant body crush. A few long seconds passed by, their bodies spoke of missing, loving, familiarity and longing. Then as if to break the abrupt silence, she muttered with a fake insolence, "what are you doing? if you are close long enough to me, the body odor can knock you off. Don't inhale. Otherwise like a whale you will begin to blubber."

His neck still ensconced on her shoulder bone, he laughed a loud guffaw. She said loudly "now what?".

He said, "I can smell you clear and fresh?"
"And what do you smell?", her shoulder still allowing his neck to rest.
Extracting himself off her shoulder - he looked at her deep in her eyes.
She said "I used some expensive sandalwood bubble soap, bloody at least for that reason alone...don't spoil it for me.", a fake anger now bubbling up.
He still smiled his facetious smile. She said "what? bloody what did you smell?"

She repeated, " least tell me odor, aroma or my body? what does it smell like?"

"Stop smiling like a pig, you bloody bear", she said and kicked him in the stomach.

He growled in make believe pain, and then straightened himself. She could see he was preparing himself to answer. He looked at her deeply, with eyes laden with love and complete mischief,  then unable to stare too long into those deep eyes, he hugged her again, so that her eyes wont see his. A few seconds later, his baritone kicked in.

"You smell of only one distinct thing. Love. Now I know - this is how love smells like."

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