Wednesday, April 22, 2015

2183 : The man who sold the world...he passed me by the stairs...

Picture this.
Its 4pm @ NY in the evening. I have been at office since 620am. After a long day (mostly tired, but partly frustrating), I head down to starbucks to grab a quick chai.

I order my chai, sip it, savor it, and then start my slow trudge walk back. Over years I have been walking slower and slower (intentionally - with a clear desire to become a turtle eventually,seriously!!).

The starbucks is 2 blocks I start reaching approaching the office, I look up from the cup.

As I gaze into the street, I see a pleasant smiling face walking toward me. I cannot for the life of me, place this person.

Clearly a pakistani or a desi, he walks purposely towards me….and though I am walking diagonally away from him…he quickly catches up….

My drained (from energy) brain, is truly confused unable to place him. But his smile is implicitly reeking of intimacy and familiarity, as if I am supposed to know him, but my on-the-road-to-dementia-soaked brain - is raising an red singing alarm - “no record found”…..dementia or decoy.

In that brief moment of utter desolation, I also wonder, if he is smiling and walking towards someone else….possible…someone behind me maybe….

As I am thinking, I slow down. He walks straight at me, and still the same beaming intimate smile ….its not a salesy smile…I have learnt to detect that bull from a mile away…this smile is not in that category…its honest, and seems to be from a friend who I unfortunately seem to have forgotten how to recognize.

As he reaches me, he stands purposely a little further than “intimate” and continues to beam and says “how are you?” equivalent in shuddh urdu hindustani….

I answer back in my best hindustani….Post “my doing good” equivalent, I ask him, “How do you know me ?” and he answers in a high gain, confident sort of way “ We have known each other for years. Don’t you remember anything?”

I give him a look, which explains that I don’t recall anything. Then the following conversation happens in chaste Urdu/hindi.

He “Your face has changed, it is very weighed down. Is everything ok?”
“Huh”? because I still did not know how to place him. “who are you?”.
“I am your friend”….” we spoke recently”.
“I really don’t remember you”.
He pauses, then gives a deeply philosophical smile, “I want to tell you that come July you will become so much more happier. Focus on it. Don’t plan and scheme around it. Just wait for it to happen. Wait and have patience.”
By this point, I am freaked out, and tell him “look I am sorry. I need to hurry back. I am missing a meeting.”
“Nothing has changed in your life. You are always in a hurry. Slow down. Breathe in a deep. If you hurry so much, of course, you will forget friends like me.” Still smiling….

I tell him a hurried “ bye” and rush ahead. As I look back, he is still warmly smiling, and sailing out a wafting “bye”.

all the time this entire conversation is in chaste hindi….and this is NY Madison.

As I finished the day at 8pm yesterday and walked back…I meditated and wondered….what really had happened here.

My alter ego?
Out of body?

Left me with a very spaced out feeling. The universe always tries to talk back to us, telling us secrets….giving us chances and stony reminders.

On this occasion, the sterile me chose to dismiss this as a freak. Time will tell me, if I really missed a shooting star.

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