Saturday, April 11, 2015

2172 :The life and times of Michael K

Like K His life was slowly devolving.Sometimes in steps, sometimes in weeps. They dystopian fallacy of assuming experience will lead to happiness was being assiduously destroyed, one smile at a time.

His relationship with consumption was retreating, a mild erosion seeping in every moment.The proverbial inner sense of sanctum was leaking. What was left behind was the carcass of items marauding away with atrophy, the slow disease of death.

Today as he sat down at the table, the food on the plate made no sense to him - just like a simian would stare at a key fob and wonder why did we need one in the first place. He gazed, a look very akin to the staring matches in animal land. For some reason he was reminded of Bono, his erstwhile bull terrier.

Moments added upto to minutes and then to an hour. His phone rang, kicking off the reverie. Not caring to look who was calling - he picked up the car keys, abandoning the ringing device, he purposely walked out of the door.

Turning on the car, he started driving. Some time into the drive, he realised that he was not driving to a destination. He was going nowhere. There was nowhere to hide. He was running away without a new address.

It occurred to him, maybe this is what death might feel like. Hurtling full speed somewhere, but still stuck in an unexplainable nether. 

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