Thursday, April 09, 2015

2170 : The world is made of wood and a lance, and the string that holds it all up....till it falls !!

Tiger Woods and Lance Armstrong. Two fallen heroes. Two angels who lampooned with the devil. The price, a total complete excorcism.

As I read it reaffirmed my faith that the as much the world loves a hero, it loves nothing more than a fallen star....He then becomes the new Atlas.

He bears the burden of our fears, tribulations, accusations and of course, holy cow!! - the ultimate mother of all all punishments - eternal damnation.

Tiger of all things, was only having an EMA, which probably half the world's pricks are guilty of. (Of course the poor men are slaves of their pricks right!!).

As for Lance, I think I have said this before and I shall say this again.....

How many folks after Chemo, can come walk to work? The psychological damage from chemo is far far more than the physical drain. Believe me, I know that script intimately. I have seen enough to bear the scars. Albeit vicarious.

To come back from Chemo and win The Tour De France is commendable. EPO (and the ilk) be damned. Remember the use of EPO in cycling is similar to me paying the cop off every time he stops my car (and I have been forced to do that more than 5 times in my 18 year driving history) - its just the lay of my land. Or similar to me paying off the commissioner to register my house in Mumbai (make that 5 times again!!) - its me getting laid for my land :-).

Of course, the phucking dorks amongst us will always say, just because there was an orgy of EPO all around, does not make it all right.

Its just as easy for me to take that pedantic living room hare brained mike too - but I know and I admit, I am just as guilty of bribes and crimes, and yet I live scot free. I am allowed to savor my victories and the defeats go un-noticed....and I feel bloody lucky and blessed for it.

I love and adore these fallen heroes. I especially love the fact that despite their obvious blemishes (some very deep, like Lance lying through his skin), demonstrate to me that - that one sweet day I can rise to the epochs of the world, inspite of my philhilly follies....and ride it cowboy long as I don't get caught with my pants down (for either the EMA or EPO) :-). Conclusion - keep the payjamas jammed shut!!

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