Sunday, April 05, 2015

2160 : Karma Chameleon

On the same walk today, I saw another strange sight.

A lady from one of the complex apartments, came along in a old silver colored Toyota Qualis. Her driver parked it right at the entrance of the shanty. She got down, and with the help of her driver unloaded heaps of plastic bags from the car.

These contained packs and packs of potato chips, biscuits and cheetos (or the ilk). There must have been at least a 100 of these packs.

Then she politely walked into the shanty and requested for all children from within the worker families to come out. Soon about 40 children were out. She asked them to pick up whatever they fancied.

Very soon the packs dwindled into just about 10 left on the floor near the Qualis. She wanted for a few minutes to see if more kids would come out. (The kids who had collected almost immediately rushed back into the shanties, as if they were afraid of the urban world and its ravages....)

No one came (which I thought was strange). She picked up the remaining 10 odd packs. She beamed a huge smile to the mothers of the children who by now had come along, waved "bye" at them, sat in the Qualis and was gone.

I don't know what to fully make of it, but I will tell you what it did to me....just this sight made me happy. It made me feel the world still has hope. A cynic like me, was devouring optimism...and I pursed a tiny hidden smile, just enough not to be seen.

Good karma can never really go out of fashion, can it? :-)

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