Saturday, June 07, 2014

2133 : Mac book

I have been using a Mac book in recent days and I do quite like it. Its like driving a Porsche vs driving a Kia.

Both can be fun to drive, both can be driven in a fun way, but can get you to where you want to go, and both can be the cause of butt pain....

But as the saying goes, there is nothing as "pure as a Porsche".....well the Mac has a similar purity.

Time will tell - whether this one becomes my best friend. So far I am definitely liking the Retina display.

2132 : The wide end of the calliper

I have been completely not at peace in the past 4-6 weeks. The inner equilibrium is lost. Makes me wonder, what is it that causes a mind to run amok.

And more importantly, what is it that shall end the war and call for a truce.

As in any war, I am telling myself - its most important to come out of the other end of the war alive. The one who lives shall be able to possibly write history and possibly defy it :-)

The war is on, long live the war.

Thursday, June 05, 2014

2131 : Rush

I saw the movie "Rush" again on a flight. For folks who dont know well enough, driving is in my DNA...and I am truly awe inspired by folks like James Hunt, Senna, Prost, Mansell and of course Niki Lauda.

Its not a movie thats completely true to the historical detail, but still paints a pretty good character image of both the leads.

Niki as the focussed as hell winner, and James as the jolly as beer cavalier man.

In one of the last scenes in the movie James is talking to Niki at a plane hangar. Niki tells him that its good to learn flying because "Its good for discipline. You have to stay within the rules, stick with regulations, suppress the ego. It helps with the racing."

And at some point later James admonishes him for taking the fun out of everything (in this example flying)....He says "I tend to enjoy myself first. The sum of life needs to be pleasure. What's the point of having a million of medals, cups and planes if you dont have any fun? And how is that winning?".

I have always been Niki in real life, because I if I try and be like James I shall be insincere to my own DNA.

And yet....when I heard that apocryphal last comment (which is more theatrical than real), it did make me think.

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

2130 : When we danced....

My sister thinks I don't talk at all. My wife has almost the same complain :-)

And I actually think I yap a little too much for my own comfort.

Sin of silky silence ?

2129 : So far away from me

You know you have drifted very far from your Buddha nature, when all you try to do is construct a logical written sentence - and what comes out is hellish gibberish.

Time to rewind.

Sunday, June 01, 2014

2128 : where is the choice

So many folks at work and social settings told me "we are voting for rahul/modi" since we do not have a choice.

Somehow that never seems a right decision tree to me.

You don't have to exercise a choice.....just like sometimes silence is the best answer....sometimes not choosing is a better choice than making a reductionist choice.

2127 : Dylan Moran

Have been listening to Dylan Moran's stand up...and I love the Irish humour ( if that is correct).

One of the statements that stayed with me is something to the effect "Men look at breasts, as women look at babies"....

And I almost fell off the chair laughing.

2126 : Auschwitz

In the last 4 months I have been fascinated with  and whole concept of the SS NAZI troops.

Not in part because they are wrong, but more so, how could they all believe so much of what is apparently propoganda.

It amazes me that so many intelligent people also missed what seemed to be the bigger picture.

I have finished about 4 books and about a dozen videos. The whole subject continues to intrigue me.

2125 : The Armstrong Lie

I saw a documentary called "The Armstrong Lie" which focuses on Lance's game of deception.

The extent of deception was great and it does amaze you. The world in general is not forgiving of someone like Armstrong.

Here is a thought though - EPO or otherwise - how many of us can win anything after a bout of chemotherapy?

Also how many of us will not cheat if we know that we shall get an unfair leg up in a competition?

There are no easy answers especially for a fallen hero. In my eyes, a fallen hero continues to a hero - as long as he continues to be willingly want to still stand up.

2124 : Hungary in yeastern europe

I started speaking English much later than normal kids - probably at the age of 6-7.

I remember this clearly, the first time I heard the name of a country called "Hungary", I went up and asked my mom - how can we name a whole country as "hungry".

I also remember when I was around 10, my Dad come home one day and said his doctor has diagnosed his asthma to be caused by too much "east". Probably 15 mins into the conversation, I finally mustered up courage and asked him how can a direction impact someone's health. For those who did not get the joke, he meant "Yeast".

2123 : Torn

I caught this movie called Torn on the flight back home. I struggle to see normal movies and this one looked and felt different.

It is indeed a nice well told story - about being racial, having prejudices and losing in life. 

While I thoroughly enjoyed the story, I did think all the actors were amateurish.

Do watch it if time permits. You wont be disappointed.

I would rate it 7/10