Friday, February 28, 2014

2119 : What constitutes a bad book

I was talking to someone yesterday and I was telling him how bad “Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture” as a book is.
Of course, when you go against the grain, you get the grind, he immediately took the more popular view, that it was such a emotional tear jerker and how “touching” the book was.
Well…I spent a few minutes rambling, and when I look back, I probably came across as a phooking biased book reviewer. I did not come across as cleanly as I have loved to.
As I drove in the evening, I thought a bit, and then epiphany hit me…what I hate about the book, apart from its rambling indulgent and narcisstic view….is really one single thing. Its FAKE. The book lacks human attribute of authenticity. It comes across to me (at least) as playing to the gallery.
Case rests. None of us like ideas/books/people who come across as playing to the audience.