Friday, November 29, 2013

2102 : Trial by popular opinion

It amuses me to see the whole Aarushi trail play out in the media. A whole breathless nation fed on its bated breath, by a stench of what is possibly “underage sex”, “khaap dominated parents”, “lascivious affairs”, “steamy culprits from our blue collar suspects”…..
Our moral indignation and expression of “appal” is complete, never more full of itself than this moment.
Does it matter, that we all watch porn on the ipad, we all eye the PYT next door, that we kick the blue collar in his balls, that we flirt everyday in office, that we run our personal khaaps in our fiefdoms….
Never has trial by the media felt more fulfilling, uplifting and redeeming Sad smile
Dear Talwars, thank you, you have been a mirror to us Sad smileand the reflection has a garnished fault in its lines.

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