Friday, November 01, 2013

2094 : And the race still goes on.....

Picture this.
I saw this 3 really hilarious 4 year olds practicing for the sprint. They all were taking the Bolt position at what was presumably the start line.

All three of them were screaming “get, set , go” completely out of sync and running as soon they said go.

If this was not ridiculous enough, one of the kids had a brainwave, he got out his deepavali gun and said since he had the gunshot, he would flag off the race.

Guns always talk - so the others got coerced. What follows is dead funny. This gun trotter, holds up the gun and shoots it....the others hear the shot and race off. This cool dude slowly places his gun on the line below and then decides to run. He obviously did not win.

But looks like these kids knew something we adults don't. Winning is rarely everything unless it's a game. If it is just a sport, then having fun is possibly the biggest draw - and fun they were having, even the bystanders (like me) could jot complain about the lack of mirth.

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