Sunday, October 27, 2013

2091 : Some call it soup, some call it nuts

I was talking to this friend of mine V, yesterday, and somehow the topic veered about “office affairs”, more so, since we were gossiping about someone we know who we believe has an office affair.

V thought that he would never have one because he would it difficult to face his spouse and kids with the “guilt” sewed in.

As I spoke to him it occurred to me that in my head I never rule something like this out. Because rage, love and death are all crimes of passion - and they happen in that weak instant when the mind is out of buzz. And in that sense I am just as weak as others, if not more.....esp given my rage issue.

The only reason I would never have an extra marital liaison is because of the phooking logistics involved in pulling that off. I can't seem to manage my one life properly at all (in the sense there is no way even this one life gives me enough time for myself), and now if I had to pull multiple identities, it would leave nothing at all of me - and not having the life for me - the thought just kills me.

Guilt bah !! You can never really give me a guilt trip easily.

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