Sunday, July 28, 2013

2060 : Hey I saved the world today

This happend last week. I was with Raavan, who likes to spend infinite time in the Honda, since he thinks he is learning to drive (it helps that he idolizes Senna who used to drive a Mclaren Honda).

He was inside the car, and I was standing outside soaking in some much needed vitamin D. The rains had just stopped in the past 3-4 hrs and the roads were beginning to dry up.

I looked onto the center of the road, and I saw a dry craggy earthworm trying to find moisture and hope.

Cars were whizzing past, I figured the wriggler wont last more than a few more seconds. A few minutes later, when a lean period ensued on the road, I saw the earthworm was still around - and still craggy and crawling.

I looked around saw a gutka wrapper lying around (you will get that by the ton in Mumbai). I looked around, making sure that no cars coming in the near vicinity, walked quickly, bent and picked up the craggy earthworm on the gutka cover.

Balancing delicately, I dropped it on the nullah on the side of the road.

I would like to believe that one gesture of mine, saved the world - so much for the butterfly effect :-)

(Seriously, I do believe that every act (bad or good), eventually adds up. So think before making a choice. An average human makes 35000 choices a day. Be mindful and choose wisely.)

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