Sunday, June 30, 2013

2043 : Poison

I know the seers have all recommended against it, though the Gods themselves are known to have it – the doctors believe it is poison, and all the world along they believe it is sin – what am I talking about here? Alcohol.

(Or for that matter any intoxicant, including our plain, simple and overtly abused friend the Tobacco. When I use the word “Alcohol” in this post, it should be construed to mean all of the above.)

Alcohol to me does a very strange thing. It shows me a mirror, within the throes of whose reflection I tend to see my deepest flaws and the greatest of my desires. I can clearly see that Alcohol has the influence of playing both Rahu (creating delusion) and Ketu (creating insight or release) from a Vedic viewpoint. It definitely does that to me.

Within its spell, I have seen, and I say this quite literally, both the Demon and the Seer. In its throes, I find a form of release (Ketu) that I have only vicariously experienced in Aldous Huxley’s Doors of Perception.

I don’t do Alcohol enough, probably about 5 days out of a year – and yet I sometimes feel that I have it in me to fall back on this poison, and in some sense, it can definitely become a poison for me. Till then, I shall keep rediscovering my inner recesses.

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